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Our Family, our story...

We met back when our first kids were a year old (2013), at a playdate.

Since then, we've been inseparable, we've also been busy!!

In total we have seven kids! Shilo has four boys, 

ages 6 down to almost 2 year old twins! Jess also has a 6 year old

and 3 year old twins!

We enjoy sharing our mom-joys, and mom-laughs, as well as mom-cries.

We also enjoy eating dinner on the beach and

sharing a pitcher of Russel-ritas at our favorite Mexican place.

The Business

This business model has been on tab number 39 of our brains for the last 5 years.

As we both grew our families and became busier and busier with

play dates and meeting new moms. The topic of

"why don't have something to do with the kids in our town"

has always been a HOT one! 

Living in New England we've always got rainy, or snowy, or even

"too hot" days that we need something to save us from our children,

I mean, provide a clean, safe place for them to make friends and be entertained.


 Life has been pretty insane, but this year Shilo started noticing a lot

of vacant properties, and what was an idea,

suddenly snowballed into a pretty awesome brainstorming morning

at our weekly playdate.

On a Tuesday morning in February, we ended up doing some searching.

The search began with equipment,  a name, for a property.

We came up with "Busy Bees" and Jess says, "Yeah, but Busy Bees what?

And don't tell me anything with a Z in it! I can't take that!"

Eventually Shilo busts out saying, "Busy Bees' Play Hive"!!!! 

The bees started buzzing then....

We look forward to opening our doors to you

and your family, and providing many memories in the future!! 

surviving COVID-19

Much like the entire country, we had to put our business on hold when the pandemic started.  We encourage child interaction, both with toys and friends.  We could not justify keeping ourselves open under any reasonable circumstances, and made the upsetting decision to close our doors. 

Our own children were home from school, same as everyone's.

We learned how to do Zoom-School and "Distance Learning."

We learned how to share our small space almost 24-7.

Working from home became a thing, and then the struggle turned to "how can I hide from the kids?"

"A few weeks to flatten the curve" came and went.

We found ourselves more focused on keeping sane with the kids, 

and less focused on when we would be able to reopen.

Time flew by, and dragged on, all at the same time.

Finally, once Vaccines started rolling out,

schools started reopening,

businesses were starting to reopen, it was time to join the ranks once again.  

We're coming back, and we plan to be here to stay!

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